Natalie’s Element Styling Transformation – Pictures And Story

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As I look at the picture above, I almost don’t recognize myself. I’m amazed at the difference Element Styling has made for me, not only in appearance, but how much more I accept myself for who I am and honoring that.

This transformation I’ve made by dressing and branding myself within my Fire Element style and design has also brought some jaw dropping reactions from others who haven’t seen me in a while. Their big question is “What are you doing?!?” and then once I tell them, they respond with “I want some of that!”.

That’s the purpose of starting this website. To give you “some of that!” too. I realize that over the past almost 2 years, this change has made a huge impact on my business, the way I do branding, and has infused itself into how my client’s do their business and branding as well with tremendous results.

The biggest things I’ve learned from dressing and branding in my Fire Element is that others see me for me and not some missaligned version of myself. Once I saw how people, especially potential clients, were genuinely attracted to me and saw me for me, the ability to attract better relationships and clients into my life intensified greatly.

BUT…in the beginning, this process was not easy. It unnerved me quite a bit.

When I had first discovered this system, I had typed myself as an Air Element. The Air Element Types are fun, bubbly, giggle when they talk, have a twinkle in their eye, and bring joy and lightness to any room. They are adorable and cute too!

That’s how I saw myself. Fun, full of energy, and adorable.

Much to my surprise, that’s not who I am.

I actually had to have someone else point that out to me and show me my true energy expression and type. She had to show me that I am actually the Fire Element.

When she told me this, I was pissed! (If that’s not a hint of my natural element, I don’t know what is, LOL!)

Mainly because I had just completely changed and updated my wardrobe to be more minimalist, and had also completely changed my online branding to be all cute and airy.

Being shown that I am actually Fire, meant I had to recalibrate not only myself, but also my business and redo everything I had been working so hard on.

Ugh. I had done so much work and now I felt like I had to completely start over.

And yet, on a deeper level I knew something was still off. That something still wasn’t quite right. That something was still off.

But, that’s not what the real issue was. The real issue was that I had been hiding and showing up in Air energy for most of my adult life as a way to keep me safe. Through this revelation, I realized that by showing up in a light and bubbly way, that my true forceful nature wouldn’t ruffle any feathers and keep me from getting hurt by others.

Staying in my opposite energy type just kept me in hiding, which is a diservice to everyone who needs me to show up as my true self, including myself.

Then I realized I was scared.

Scared of showing up as me.

Scared of truly being seen.

Scared of being vulnerable.

Scared of stepping into my powerful, forceful nature and actually showing it to the world.

I was scared to “just be me”.

It was so nerve racking to think about what a dramatic change this would make, so had to slowly step into it.

I started by going to a local thrift store and getting a hand full of tops and a couple pants that were Fire Element style.

I dedicated myself to wearing them for a week to see how it would go.

I enjoyed it and started to feel more comfortable in the items, but still wasn’t fully convinced.

Then after two weeks, I went back into my closet and put on one of my favorite black sweaters (black is not in the Fire Element color pallet, by the way) and to my shock, I felt very uncomfortable in it. I could tell without even looking in the mirror that it was too harsh for me.

Black was just too much.

My skin immediately looked more pale and I felt my energy drain.

I happily put one of the Fire Element shirts on and made the commitment to myself to start transitioning my entire wardrobe to only Fire Element clothing.

I instantly felt better and have been committed ever since.

From this, I have experienced such a dramatic difference (in a good way) to how people react and respond to me, and most importantly, how I feel about myself.

I no longer get negative based teasing comments about how “glow-in-the-dark” white my legs are. How I am blinding others by my pale skin. Or even questions on if I sparkle in the sunlight.

Yes…some people would go there. I know…it’s terrible.

Here’s a few before images from me in black so you can see the difference:

I had gotten those comments since grade school, and for the first time in my life, they eased up. I realized that the warm golden undertones of the Fire Element style warmed up my skin tone and harmonized with it, creating an overall glow.

As you can see from the images above, still feel like good in them, but it’s just not the same as compared to the pop dressing in my Fire Element gives with the alignment and harmony of it all.


Dressing my my Fire Element style also increased my confidence level to really start to show up as my true self. It was no longer a jolting shock to others when I opened my mouth to speak and loud, powerful words with purpose come out because my style has a rich, angular depth to it that conveys who I am before I even open my mouth. What I have to say to others is still usually shocking for them, but now it’s more expected and accepted from me now, which is nice, because that’s how I’ve always wanted to be seen – as someone who has powerful, life changing things to say for those ready to make a real transformation in their life.

The confidence came from finally being seen on deeper, soul affirming levels that nourish both myself and my clients. Knowing that others see me for the real me now, and knowing that they truly need that from me, helps to give me confidence to show up with fire and passion in my spirit.

Being accepted for my true self is also liberating.

Liberating in the sense that I know I don’t have to hide and stay safe anymore, because if I do, I would be doing the world a disservice.

My heart want for you

I want this same freedom and liberation for you too.

For you to be in alignment with your true element nature.

For you to feel good in your clothes and love everything about your wardrobe.

For you to get the clients who are attracted to the real you.

For you to build a business around your natural energy expression.

For you to be accepted for your true self.

For you to love being you!


Want to discover what your element is? Take the quiz!

Natalie is The Element Stylist and a sought after Business Coach for entrepreneurs. She looks at online business in artistic, intuitive, and practical ways to make sure your energy and your business are in alignment. She helps you to get out of chaos, stress, and overwhelm, so you can express your gifts and talents through your unique business, and captivate your audience.

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